Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority staff review red attire protest against MPS concession

The Maritime and Dock Workers Union (MDU) has reviewed the three week red attire protest by staff of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) against some clauses of the MPS terminal three concession deal.

The MDU made the review after President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo met leadership of the various Unions and gave his government’s commitment to renegotiate portions of the concession agreement latest by six weeks.

Alhaji Abdul Rahman Baudu, National Chairman of the MDU, announcing the review to the workers at a staff durbar in Tema on Wednesday, said the workers would from Thursday desist from wearing the red attire but the red flags and bands would still be flying in the ports and on vehicles respectively.

Alhaji Baudu stated that “from tomorrow, we will abstain from wearing red to show respect and consideration to the President”, adding that “it doesn’t mean we have given up because of the Prresident’s commitment, we will continue to closely monitor and see what happens in the next six weeks”.

“The President has given us some commitment. He says he has followed our struggle, and listened to us and will do something about it, it is therefore just proper that we also review our strategy”.

He however stated that when the expected renegotiation does not happen within the stipulated time they would advise themselves and take the next step to compel government to negotiate for a favourable concession that would not negatively affect the operations of the GPHA.

Other Union leaders said even if MPS start the operation of the terminal three in June in accordance to its schedules, it would not affect the move to renegotiate the concession.

Union and staff of the GPHA and other allied companies had for some time now raised issues against some clauses in the $1.1 billion concession contract which government signed with the MPS in 2015 to expand the port and operate for 35 years.

Labour Unions fear that  a large number of Tema port workers would lose their jobs when the terminal three starts operations as MPS under the concession, would be handling all containerized cargoes.

Source: GNA

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