Road Safety Commission endorses punctuality education campaign

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) has endorsed the punctuality education campaign with a call on Ghanaians to effectively plan their journeys to be able to meet up time.

Mrs May Obiri-Yeboah, the Executive Director of the NRSC, who made the call, said this is important as effective planning and time management is the only tool to enhance people’s daily activities to propel them in achieving their targets.

Mrs Obiri-Yeboah who is also an Engineer, said this when Punctuality Ghana Foundation called on the Commission on to solicit their endorsement in driving the public education awareness campaign on time management and productivity.

The campaign targeting the public service is aimed at facilitating the ease of doing business to enhance productivity.

She said if people wanted Ghana to move beyond aid, then, there was the need for change and value for time as far as their daily activities were concerned.

The Executive Director commended the Foundation for the initiative and pledged the Commission’s support to ensure that it achieved its objectives.

“Punctuality is of essence, time is of essence and we need to do things on time so that the vision we have for Ghana will be fulfilled.” she stated.

The NRSC endorsement brings the punctuality public education awareness campaign on the public service to a total of 16.

Mr Emmanuel Amarquaye, Punctuality Crusader, said the country’s prosperity was locked up in the long bureaucracies that consumed time and money, which needed to be looked at to avoid drawing the country back.

He said punctuality is linked to hard and honest work, and urged all Ghanaians to respond to the President’s call by joining the campaign and become disciples of punctuality.

This, when done effectively, he said, would make the country better and more efficient.
Mr Amarquaye said the focus of the campaign in the public service was to facilitate the ease of doing business in the country.

He said government’s policy of lifting Ghana beyond aid and the ease of doing business would be a mirage if poor attitude to work and time does not change for the better.

The Lead Crusader called for the support of all to ensure the campaign achieves its objectives.

Source: GNA

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