Ghana Job Fair 2019 slated for May 23

Ghanaian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (GGC) in collaboration with Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations will host the second edition of Ghana Job Fair 2019 to assemble employers and skill job seekers for recruitment.

The fair, which would take place on May 23, at the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair, Accra, is set to match more than 1,500 job seekers with at least 100 employers.

It is part of efforts to educate people especially young people with the intentions to seek greener pastures abroad that the country had many opportunities that could support their dreams.

Despite current economic growth, the economic situation in Ghana remains unstable coupled with unemployment, particularly among young people and this has become a push factor for many who are looking for opportunities abroad.

Not all choose the regular labour migration route and the illegal networks are precarious and deadly.

Currently, some 800,000 Ghanaians live and work outside their home country.

Mr Benjamin Woesten, Regional Advisor of GGC, at a ceremony in Accra to launch the event, said it would complement the government’s strategies targeted at job creation and reduce unemployment.

The day’s event, he explained would also provide a platform to discuss and exchange on skills match and employment promotion as a vehicle for economic growth in Ghana.

Mr Woestern said a vital part of the Ghana Job Fair 2019 would be a panel discussion on the theme, “Matching skill and corporate needs”.

He added that the segment would feature seasoned panelists who would make significant contributions for consideration of future action.

Mr Woestern said many take the decision to leave their country on the basis of false information, false hopes and promises, knowing nothing of either the risks and dangers of the flight or the lack of prospects in the target country.

“Often, they are also unaware of the training and job opportunities available in Ghana to make a decent living within the country.

The GGC seeks to bridge the existing information gaps by providing information on the prospects that exist in the country as well as informing on opportunities and conditions of regular labour migration.

Source: GNA

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