Pregnant woman attacked by armed robbers delivers prematurely

The Grueling armed robbery attack on a 35-year-old pregnant woman, Babie Ajara, has induced her to give birth to a premature baby after she was being forced to lie on her belly for well over six hours.

Ajara was attacked when she was going to a local market at Santijan community, about 80 kilometres away from Tumu, during which she was robbed of money and grains meant for her father’s funeral, according to the Chief of Santijan, Kuoro N-pia Docta Kupua, who revealed this at a stakeholder meeting in Santijan.

“The armed men wielding guns forced her to lie flat on her belly with the pregnancy, searched her and took away all her money and they even removed her underwear, thinking there was money in there, until she got to the hospital and underwent preterm delivery,” he said.

The woman was said to have sold her maize raking for over GH₵1,000.00 to be used for her father’s funeral.

Kuoro Kupua expressed worry about the ordeal Ajara went through and raised concerns about the general insecurity in the traditional area.
He was also not happy about inadequate social amenities in the area coupled with bad road networks.

He said: “Anytime a robbery incident occurs and we call on the police, they report late because of what they describe as not just the long distance but about the bad roads”.

He said about 20 communities there have always been terrorized by armed robbers and their activities were increasing day by day, whilst security persons appeared to look on unconcerned.

Santijan community in the Sissala East Municipality is currently suffering insecurity due to life-threatening robbery activities that keep recurring, according to local Chiefs.

The Chief appealed to authorities to create a police post in the community to help clamp down on crime especially robbery.

The Santijan Chief also appealed for extension of electricity to Santijan to improve security at night and enhance social life.

Dr Charles Wood of the Tumu Hospital told the Ghana News Agency that: “The baby is on oxygen and is being managed at the neonatal intensive care unit of the Tumu Hospital”.

He gave the assurances that the baby would survive because it is not the first time, they were managing such a case.

Source: GNA

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