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Introducing new column – The Thinknovate Page

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There is a common Ghanaian saying which is, ‘health is wealth’. And in some local cultures, there is the belief that health is everything. It is therefore conceivable to expect modern societies and countries to place some importance on health and all the necessary systems that promote, preserve and provide healthcare services that benefit citizens.

Consequently, the wellbeing of every country, particularly if its economy and societies would grow, depends on the healthcare system, as healthy citizens contribute to the overall health of the country.

It is in the pursuant of the promotion of, and eagerly stirring discussions and debates on Ghana’s healthcare, that ghanabusinessnews.com, is introducing a new column – The Thinknovate Page.

The page shall carry blogs written by Kwame Sarpong-Asiedu, a Pharmacist with a long working history and experience in the healthcare sector.

He will seek to bring to the fore the challenges facing Ghana’s healthcare system and provide opportunities for a thorough consideration of the issues and possible solutions.

The column will appear every Tuesday, and you are invited to read and contribute to the discussions.

Managing Editor

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