Regular usage of emergency contraceptives is dangerous – Amadu

A health practitioner has raised concerns about the increasing use of emergency contraceptives by school girls saying it has implications for their ability to get pregnant in future.

Mr Peter Mintir Amadu, Executive Director of Total Life Enhancement Centre – Ghana, who raised the concerns, said emergency contraceptives were meant to prevent unwanted pregnancies and must not be taken repeatedly.

Mr Mintir Amadu was speaking at an event dubbed: “Young Voices Forum” held in Tamale to discuss substance and drug abuse and their implications on young people’s health.

The event, the second in the series, held on the last Thursday of every month, is an initiative of Savana Signatures, a non-governmental organisation, to discuss topical issues that affect the development of young people in society.

It brought together health practitioners and young people to share knowledge and learn about substance and drug abuse and their implications on young people’s health.

Studies have shown that substance and drug abuse is common among young people in the country hence the event to educate them to desist from the practice.

Mr Mintir Amadu said the repeated use of emergency contraceptives among school girls was becoming alarming wondering why they should be engaging in the practice when they are to be studying to secure their future.

He urged girls to be mindful of the repeated use of emergency contraceptives so as not to damage their biological system advising them to instead seek advice to patronise a better family planning method, such that they would only get pregnant when they were ready.

Mr Ekow Yankah, a Psychiatric Nurse at the Tamale Central Hospital, observed that the use of drugs and alcohol to enhance sexual performance was high among the youth warning them to desist from the practice because it had consequences for their health.

Alhaji Abdul Rashid Imoro, Programme Manager of Savana Signatures, said the abuse of drugs by the youth posed a threat to their well-being advising them to desist from the practice to secure a better future for themselves for the development of the country.

Source: GNA

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