Violence is not the path for resolving conflict, Government tells feuding Chereponi factions 

Government has told feuding factions in Chereponi that violence is not the path for resolving any challenges in the society.

This follows renewed clashes between the Konkombas and Chokosis in the Chereponi District of the North East Region over the weekend.

Mr Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah, the Information Minister, addressing journalists at a media encounter in Accra on Sunday, said security personnel have been deployed to the area to prevent the further escalation of violence.

He said after peace and order has been restored to the area efforts would be made to understand the underlining factors and resolve it once and for all.

The Minister said when people resort to violence in resolving their differences the law of the country must take its course.

He said government would study the report presented by the Committee, which was tasked to investigate the root cause of violence in Chereponi and implement its recommendations to ensure sustained peace and harmony in the area.

So far, two people have been reported dead, while seven houses have been burnt down with some residents fleeing the area.

Last year, a fight erupted between the Chokosis and Konkombas over a piece of land in the Chereponi District resulting in some casualties.

Commenting on the attack on three Ghanaian Times journalists by some policemen, Mr Oppong-Nkrumah said the assault should be condemned by all.

He said he had had discussions with the Editor of the Ghanaian Times Newspaper and asked the Editor to write to the Ministry so that efforts would be made to speed up investigation into the matter for the necessary disciplinary sanctions to be taken against the culprits.

Mr Oppong-Nkrumah also condemned a viral video circulating on the social media showing a police officer being attacked by a commercial driver and his conductor.

He said assaulting a police officer has various consequences and expressed the hope that the Police Administration would investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book.

He urged the Police Administration to expedite action on the two incidents.

Source: GNA

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