Vodafone Ghana to unveil 4G network on March 19

Vodafone Ghana will on Tuesday, March 19, launch its 4G network service across major cities in Ghana to provide superior internet experience to its customers.

The telecommunication company has connected the 4G service to 200 of its cell sites in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi to enable the customers to have access to the service.

A cell site refers to the antenna equipment and ground equipment used to transmit cell phone signals to and from the mobile phone and back to the receiver.

At a pre-launch media briefing, in Accra, on Tuesday, Madam Yolanda Cuba, the Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, said the 4G network had become a necessity in everyday life and, thus, invested $100 million in infrastructure and new equipment towards its deployment.

She said the Company’s technical team had been able to fast-track the process for an early launch of the 4G service, instead of later in the year.

She explained that currently a little over a million smart phones in the country are 4G compliant, noting that many of the phones were 3G enabled.

Madam Cuba expressed excitement that Vodafone’s customers would now experience faster data speed and gave the assurance that it would work with the regulator to promote digital inclusion in the country.

She said it had resolved all the financial hurdles between the Government and shareholders and was optimistic that the 4G network would enhance profitability of the shareholders.

Madam Cuba announced that she would leave Ghana for South Africa on April 1, adding that her absence would not affect the operations of the company.

Asked why the company was not listed on the Stock Exchange, Madam Cuba said it was the prerogative of the shareholders to agree to be listed and not management and that when the shareholders conclude on the matter, management would do so.

Vodafone Ghana reached an agreement with the National Communications Authority (NCA), last year, for the purchase of one slot of the 2x5MHz frequency spectrum in the 800MHz band for mobile services.

The slot, purchased at the cost of $30 million, was awarded to Vodafone following the successful financial negotiation with the NCA, in line with the Authority’s published programme for the bid process.

The move paved the way for the telecommunication firm, which has the second largest market share in Ghana, to operate an LTE 4G spectrum frequency to enhance the user experience for its customers.

The Government has 30 per cent shares and Vodafone Group owned 70 per cent shareholding in Vodafone Ghana.

Source: GNA

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