Reject all forms of vigilantism-Assemblies of God 

The Assemblies of God, Ghana, has opened its first Greater Accra East Regional Council Meeting with a call on Ghanaians to reject all forms of vigilantism.

Reverend Doctor Joseph K.K Baisie, Greater Accra East Regional Superintendent, in an address said, “I urge all leaders, especially national and political leaders to hold high the interests of Ghana and collectively reject vigilantism in all means”.

Rev. Baisie stated that as a country that prides itself with modern democratic credentials, Ghana’s reputation is at stake due to the activities of vigilante groups, stating the Ayawaso incident and the recent shooting incident at the Ashanti regional office of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“The state must make it impossible for individuals to have access to arms and weapons. Political parties must be committed to discouraging their members from engaging in such acts by disciplining offenders”.

It is obvious that this is a worrying issue that requires urgent national attention by well-meaning citizens as their activities are a threat to lives, progress and development of the nation, according to him.

He regretted that “culprits and perpetrators have all been spared the brunt of the law because authorities have inadvertently shielded most of them from prosecution”.

Rev. Baisie stated that ministers of the gospel are not partisan but they have to deliberate on and offer counsel as well as prayers on pertinent national issues affecting citizens, of which members of the church are an integral part.

Rev Professor Paul Frimpong-Manso, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, in a message, reminded the Councils that the church’s corporate theme for the year was, “Bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, ” explaining that the theme was a natural progression on the 2018’s theme of “manifesting the gifts of the spirit”.

Rev. Prof. Frimpong-Manso, asked them to devote all departmental programmes and funds towards the church’s target of having 3,000 new churches by the year 2020 as part of the “Decade of Pentecost”.

He stated that “we henceforth direct that any pastor who does not hold our credentials papers should not be invited for any departmental programme at any level” explaining that there were a number of ministers who had very doubtful backgrounds, moving about and using the name of Assemblies of God for their own selfish ends.

He added that the church had also directed that change of birth dates through the swearing of affidavits would no longer be accepted because some pastors have reduced or were reducing their ages either to avoid  retirement or to deceitfully make themselves eligible for elections.

“We have consequently directed that anyone caught engaging in such a wicked act will be dismissed”.

Source: GNA

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