Teaching methodology in Ghanaian schools need paradigm shift – Consultant

Director of Neogenics Education, Grant Bulmuo, has called for a fundamental change in the methods of teaching in Ghanaian schools to transform the country’s education system to match global standards.

The Educational Consultancy Organization director also called for a paradigm shift in the training of teachers to improve academic performance of school goers in every level of the education structure to better handle challenges of the economy and society.

He called for development of technology, propagation of new inspiration and training more qualified teachers to drive any fundamental change in the country’s education system and to elevate effective communicators and resourceful intellectuals.

Mr Bulmuo said this during an educational inspirational seminar organized by Neogenics Education in collaboration with Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) in the Upper West Region.

The event was held under the theme: “Developing global standard classroom practice” and it was aimed at equipping stakeholders with appropriate tools, skills, training, resources and advisory services to enable them deliver their goals effectively and maximize their potentials.

He reminded stakeholders that the desired impact of quality education cannot be attained without quality teachers and that teachers were the most targeted resource in any educational development agenda.

Caning and other corporal punishments perpetuated in various schools were being condemned since it did not teach victims any lesson but rather marred the existing friendly relationships between teachers and students meant for smooth academic work.

Mr Isaac Dunee, the Regional Secretary of GNAPS, urged teachers to move away from the traditional way of teaching to using contemporary teaching methods that encourages development of responsive teacher-child relationship.

He said love and care were the underlining principles for boosting attentiveness of school children in class for better achievement of lesson objectives and delivery of teaching aids.

The Neogenics Education was applauded for rejuvenating the training of teachers and helping to keep them abreast with new trends of professional development which remain key to motivating teachers.

Mrs Lucy Diana Kokoro, the Proprietor of Cardinal Dery Memorial Academy, called on teachers to be committed to their work and ensure good standard practice in their classrooms.

Source: GNA

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