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Supply chain managers should conduct research to facilitate policy initiatives

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The Chief Executive Officer of Tullow Ghana, Mr Kweku Andoh Awotwi, has called on managers of the supply chain system to conduct research into the integrated chains to facilitate policy initiatives of businesses and government.

He said these research outcomes would also be a good material for case studies in the country’s business schools, as home-grown ones were woefully lacking.

Mr Awotwi was speaking at the maiden investiture and induction ceremony for 168 members of the Chartered lnstitute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM)-Ghana in Accra.

The theme for the event was “Setting the Supply Chain Management Records Straight for Sustainable Growth in the Era of Beyond Aid.”

The CEO said contemporary corporate management and attainment of strategic objectives research and case studies in energy, oil and gas sectors would be good starting points, giving the vertical integration and upstream downstream activities in related industries.

He said, some of the key benefits of the integrated supply chain systems were cost efficiency, increased revenue, quality control and competitive edge.

He said a supply chain manager should be wary of the potential downside of implementing supply chain systems, if adequate arrangements were not put in place to address some pitfalls.

“These pitfalls are excessive regulation, depth of compliant supplier/vendors, vulnerable to system collapse and technology, ” he said.

Mr Awotwi said” it is therefore not an accident that most best performing companies have established supply chain management systems in the form of business units, directorates, divisions to optimize various interrelated supply chain functions.”

He said these functions spans from planning, accounting and finance to add value and recognise the sovereignty of the third parties and internal customers.

He said leadership plays a crucial role in achieving this objective, adding that, “we need to establish leadership that initiates action and work with subordinates through effective communication to realize policy objectives.”

The CEO also said the supply chain manager needed to establish leadership that motivates through economic and non-economic rewards to get the work done.

Mr Awotwi said there was the need for leadership that provides guidance, creates confidence, build and sustain morale in an efficient work and work environment to ensure sound and stable growth.

Mr Richard Okrah, the President of CISCM-Ghana said the strategic objective of the institute was to promote greater recognition of end to end supply chain management, through sound leadership, research, training engagement and ethical professional service.

He said the institute has started engagement with security services and currently had good working relations with the Military Academy and the Ordinance Division of the Armed Forces.

The President said they have had an engagement with the Ghana Police Service as well as plans to extend it to other Services, as supply chain is very critical in aspects of their general operations.”

Source: GNA

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