Two teachers at Dzodze assaulted

David Simon Chukwu, a Nigerian domiciled at Dzodze in the Volta Region, on Tuesday stormed the Dzodze Roman Catholic (RC) Central Basic School and assault a class teacher and the headmaster over the whipping of his daughter, a pupil.

The incident was said to have brought school activities to a halt for a long time, as some pupils and school authorities scampered, whiles some teachers tried to control the situation.

A source close to the School told the GNA that after the School’s second break, one of the pupils reported to Mr Godwin Dzelu, the teacher in charge of class six-B, that he had been called, bastard, by one other pupil, Chukwu’s daughter.

The source said Mr Dzelu then sent for her, (Chukwu’s) daughter, a class four pupil, who she refused to show up, prompting him, Mr Dzelu, to go to her. He meted out a portion of the compound for her to clean and whipped her for refusing to answer his call.

The source said unknown to the teacher, Chukwu’s daughter sneaked home and called her father, a trader, who fuming with anger, stormed the class of the teacher, who was then busily teaching.

The source said Chukwu angrily demanded to know from Mr. Dzelu why he should whip his daughter and while the teacher was narrating the circumstances, Chukwu gave the teacher a slap on his left chin, in the full glare of the pupils.

It was said that some pupils fled the classroom in panic.

The source said as Chukwu advanced on the retreating Mr Dzelu, a scene was created, bringing out teachers and pupils.

The source said Mr Ben Dzata, the Headmaster arrived at the scene and tried cooling down the fuming Chukwu, who held and flung him (Mr Dzata) out of his way, resulting in Mr Dzata crashing his forehead against a window. At that point the police arrived to overpower Chukwu.

The Dzodze police confirmed the story to the GNA, saying, Chukwu was being interrogated and would be prosecuted.

Source: GNA

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