Geoscientist advocates the study of Geoscience to achieve SDGs

The 17 SDGs

A Professor of Geology at the Department of Earth Science, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, University of Ghana, has advocated the study of Geoscience at the basic to the tertiary education levels to ensure sustainable and equitable distribution of the natural resources.

This, he said, would enable the future generation to formulate policies to safeguard the environment and humanity.

Professor Daniel Kwadwo Asiedu, who made the call at the University of Ghana Inaugural Lecture for the 2018/2019 Academic Year in Accra, said despite the glaring needs for Geoscience literacy, the Science curricula of the basic and secondary schools did not cover as many topics in Geoscience compared to other science disciplines like Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

He said the study of the subject was crucial in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), address environmental challenges and natural resource limitations.

He said it was vital to regularly inform and educate the public on Geoscience issues that were related to the critical needs of the Ghanaian society.

Geoscience is the study of the earth which involves the study of the materials of the earth, the structure of the materials, the processes acting upon them and the organisms that inhabited the earth.

Prof. Asiedu said the study of Geoscience would help inform policy-makers on important areas of sustainable development such as access to clean water, safe sanitation, food security and agro-geology, as well as disaster risk reduction, energy supply and management, improved infrastructure and ensure access to basic services.

Additionally, he said, it would help humanity to understand the causes and potential consequences of natural earth processes such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, weather and climate change.

“It would help humanity to understand the production, availability and potential depletion of natural resources such as water, soil, mineral and energy and important role they play on the economy, security and the safety and sustainability of the environment,” Prof. Asiedu added.

The Lecture was held under the theme: “Geoscience Education in Ghana and Sustainable Development”, and attracted the University’s Faculty and senior members and students from the secondary and tertiary levels.

The inaugural lecture is delivered by any academic who achieved the highest rank in his/her career, and also helps the University to achieve its core mandate of providing research work to the public and contributes towards finding solutions to societal needs.

Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, the Vice Chancellor of the University, who chaired the function, in his closing remarks, reiterated the need to protect the environment from illegal mining activities, popularly known as “galamsey”.

He said continued degradation of the environment would be detrimental to the future generation, saying: “The destruction of our arable agriculture lands, water bodies and aquatic life will not be good for us therefore we need to take Geosciences seriously to safeguard our future”.

“If you go to the developed countries, they are constantly and consciously planting trees everywhere and even a desert like Israel every single tree is planted, but we have decided to destroy the earth God has given us”.

“We need to streamline things in our country so that we leave a clean and sustainable environment for the future generation,” Prof. Oduro Owusu advised.

Source: GNA

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