Create new regions with caution – House of Chiefs

Togbe Afede

Togbe Afede XIV, the President of the National House of Chiefs (NHS), has called for caution in the creation of new regions in order not to defeat its purpose of taking development to the doorsteps of the people.

He said reports reaching him indicates that some misunderstanding was brewing in some of the designated areas as the process for the creation of the new regions progressed steadily and it is crucial for the government to ‘tread cautiously’ in order to calm any looming violence.

Addressing a general meeting of the House in Kumasi on Wednesday, Togbe Afede cited petitions his office has received from the chiefs of Lolobi and Akpafu in the Volta Region as well as Chereponi in the Northern Region who are raising objections to joining the new regions.

He said there were petitions from people outside the targeted areas who have also expressed the desire to vote in the referendum.

He said the most important desire of the people was development but there could not be development without peace.

“It is important that we all work towards strengthening our peace and unity in order to facilitate the development that we crave for”, he noted.

“As leaders, we cannot be apathetic spectators in important matters that affect our peace, unity and development prospects” he said.

He appealed all parties both in favour and against the move especially politicians to accept to play by the rules and find a common ground in the interest of national development.

He reminded members of the House that though they were precluded from active partisan politics by the constitution, they could make non-partisan and objective comments on national issues.

The President of the NHC also cautioned against the growing indiscipline in the society, citing vilification by with insults by serial callers and vigilantism, saying this was a disincentive to national peace, unity and development.

He counselled the youth to channel their energies to productive ventures, while urging government and other stakeholders to join forces to create opportunities for the youth to contribute meaningfully to national development.

Source: GNA

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