Ghana Revenue Authority to undertake Excise Tax Stamp enforcement

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) says its enforcement task force teams will soon conduct unannounced inspection visits to enforce compliance of the Excise Tax Stamp Act.

A statement issued by the Commissioner-General of the GRA said, products without the Tax Stamp would be detained and or seized and applicable sanctions imposed.

The Act requires that Excise Tax Stamp be affixed on specified excisable goods which are manufactured in this country, imported into this country, or other goods prescribed by the Minister.

Some of the excisable goods on which the excise tax be affixed include Cigarettes and other tobacco products; Alcoholic beverages whether bottled, canned, contained in kegs for sale or packaged in any other form, and Non-alcoholic carbonated beverages whether bottled, canned or packaged in other form.

Others are Bottled water, and any other excisable product prescribed by the Minister.

The GRA started the implementation of the Excise Tax Stamp Act, 2013 (Act 873) in January, 2018. While enforcement at the ports started on 1st January, 2018, enforcement at the point of sale begun on 1st March, 2018.

The GRA urged importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and the general public to take note and act accordingly.

Source: GNA

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