Participants complain about delays in issuing of TIN

Participants at a tax education seminar organized by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) have complained about the long delay in the issuance of the Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) to applicants.

Participants who spoke at the seminar claimed that they filled their application for the TIN as far as April this year and up till now they have not had any response from the GRA and appealed to the Authority and pleaded with the management of GRA to acquire the requisite ICT software to enable the Authority to meet the request of the public.

As a policy, people who apply for TIN were expected to receive their numbers within 21 days from the date they applied for the numbers.

The seminar was organized by the GRA to educate stakeholders of the Authority on the various procedures in the payment and filing of tax returns in the country.

Speaking on temporal vehicles imported into the country, Mr Edward Dadzirie of GRA advised the public not to rush in buying vehicles because they are being offered at a low price.

He explained that the vehicle could be a temporal imported vehicle on which the requisite duties had not been paid.

Mr Dadzirie advised people who want to buy vehicles to check with the GRA if the required duties had been paid on the vehicles before buying else if the GRA found out that the necessary duties on the vehicle had not been paid, it would be impounded for the new owner to pay the duties and penalty before the vehicle would be released.

The GRA official explained that temporal imported vehicle facilities are extended to residents of ECOWAS country on visit to Ghana alone and Ghanaians who could prove that they are residing in an ECOWAS country.

Mr Dadzirie said temporal import vehicles are allowed to be in the country for 30 days and when it over stayed, the owners are made to pay penalties.

He said if such over stayed vehicle come to the notice of the GRA, the vehicle is impounded and that failure on the part of the owner to pay the required duty for the period would lead to the confiscation and auction of the vehicle.

Source: GNA

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