Road accidents could be reduced if motorists followed driving regulations – Accra Mayor

Mohammed Adjei Sowah, the Mayor of Accra, says road accidents could be drastically reduced if motorists obeyed driving rules and regulations.

“People die as a result of recklessness. We speed in the wrong places. I urge the National road Safety Commission to do more.”

The Accra Mayor said this when he launched the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) Road Safety Report (2011-2015) in Accra.

A Collaboration between the AMA and the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety, the report would serve as a key guide in the formulation of guidelines and measures on ensuring road safety.

Mr Sowah said over the last two years, Accra had increased its efforts to improve road safety, through initiatives such as the launch and continuous implementation of the Pedestrian Action Safety Plan.

There is also the formation of a task force, comprising the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service, and the city metropolitan guard, to intensify enforcement of the four risk factors under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety.

The Four are helmet non-use, seatbelt and child restraint non-use, drunk-driving and speeding.

He observed that whilst road crashes remained one of the major causes of serious injuries and deaths world-wide, a concerted effort based on evidence led intervention, could curb these crashes.

The Mayor said insights from the report would guide city stake-holders in the transport enforcement and health sectors to implement interventions that would improve road safety.

He expressed appreciation to Bloomberg Philanthropies for selecting Accra as one of the ten cities to participate in the Global Road safety initiative, and all local and external partners, for their continued support to ensure road safety in the city of Accra.

Madam Sylviane Ratte, Deputy Director of Bloomberg Philanthropies, said “we are still not doing enough to save lives.”

She described the report as a wake-up call and added, that should prompt stakeholders to re-enforce road safety regulations.

The 54-page report highlights the dynamics of road accidents within Accra, with the sole aim of coming up with the best recommendations based on these trends, for practical solutions, that could curb the high incidence of road crashes in the city.

Source: GNA

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