NDC Coordinator wants Betty-Mould as National Chairman

Betty Mould-Iddrissu

Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mrs Betty Mould Iddrissu, has been called upon to contest for the National Chairmanship of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Alhaji Zibo Abdulai, the Coordinator of the Tema East branch of the NDC’s Zongo Caucus, said the former AG, who is a respected big wig of the party would be a game changer for many within the party if she were to run.

“Apart from the fact that she is a woman and would therefore introduce a feminine touch to the party’s Chairmanship, many in the party believe that she deserves it, given her hard work behind the scenes.

Alhaji Abdulai, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on the election of leaders for the Party this year said: “Let us also not forget that Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu has suffered a lot of propagandist attacks from our fiercest opponents, the NPP,  for the party; sacrificed her position as Attorney General over the Woyome issue and has since worked hard behind the scenes for the party,”
The former Attorney General is currently the first Vice Chairperson of the NDC and has been under pressure from many within the party to run for Chairperson.

Alhaji Abdulai’s call comes at a time that there was media speculation about the former AG’s decision to run for Chairperson.

“I don’t know about whether she has decided to run for Chairperson or not, but what I know is that many within the party think that this is her time to lead the party. The feminist symbolism that would come with her, and her vindication by the NPP government’s inability to retrieve the judgment debt that was paid Woyome are good selling points,” Zibo Abdulai said.

Mr Woyome, who had initially demanded some $150million as what was due him from the state, eventually accepted some $13million after Madam Betty Mould Iddrissu had negotiated the debt amount down.

However, the NPP which was then in opposition started a propaganda that the then ruling NDC had intentionally paid Woyome the $13million (GH¢51m) because the businessman was a financier of the party.

As a result of the propaganda, Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrisu resigned her portfolio as Attorney General and dared anybody to take her to court. She later took to a low profile and had since worked behind the scenes within the NDC.

Alhaji Abdulai said the NPP which claimed that the money paid Woyome was illegal and that it would retrieve the money if it was voted into power, had been in power for almost two years after it won elections in 2016 and had still not been able to retrieve the money.

Woyome is at the African Court for human and people’s rights defending himself and it appears that the noose had begun tightening around the neck of the NPP government.

“Many people in the NDC feel that Madam Betty Mould has been vindicated even though the case has not ended yet, and many would love to see her as National Chairman of NDC in the coming days,” Alhaji Abdulai added.

Source: GNA

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