CIMAF dedicates 15% of investment to environmental management

CIMAF Ghana Limited, producers of CIMAF smart cement, has dedicated a huge 15 per cent of its $66 million investment in Ghana to the management of the impact of its operations on the environment.

Mr Mohammed Bennis, Country General Manager, says environmental management is one of the core values of the Morrocan flagged multi-national cement manufacturer hence the $9.9 million expenditure.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency at the factory site in the Tema free Zones enclave, he said “at the heart of our operations are values we do not compromise including: respect for the environment, optimization of energy consumption and producing cement that meets the standards in force and the requirements of the market.”

According to him, the state of the art machinery installed to crush, grind and bag the cement was fitted with high efficiency and the latest generation bag filters as well as a gas analyzer for continuous control of dust and gas from chimneys.

“This huge plant does not emit dust into the environment. We have dust filters which sucks the escaping dust. We have covered all the stock farms and we recover and canalize all rainwater,” he disclosed.

Mr Bennis said the company had created a congenial workplace environment for workers who are constantly trained and mentored to love what they do.

“Ghana is the first English speaking country to host our investment and we will see how best to enhance her natural heritage and put in other actions in the social and environmental fields, “he said.

Mr Jacob Aggrey Odoom, Health, Safety, Environment and General Affairs Manager, said the company had a safety management system which spelt out clear and direct issues and instructions.

“We make every employee responsible and knowledgeable through training which involves videos, simulations, hazard identification and risk assessment and mitigation among others,”he said.

He said, “In fact, health and safety and environmental management are part of every employee’s job description. We are compliant with all applicable regulations.”

According to Mr Odoom, the company had a safety committee which met quarterly to discuss in detail all safety issues adding that however, all accidents were reported immediately they occurred as a safety splash is sent to all departments to activate investigation into the matter.

Source: GNA


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