AMA should act to stop the growing indiscipline – Foundation

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has been asked to act decisively to stop the nuisance and growing indiscipline in the city.

Mr. Emmanuel Amarquaye, the Founder of Punctuality Ghana Foundation (PGF), said it need to enforce its bye-laws to people persuade people from doing the wrong things.

He made reference to the situation where individuals blocked roads to organize funerals and animals including cattle allowed to take over the streets, and said, that should continue.

He was speaking at the public endorsement of the PGF’s education campaign by the Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Mr. Adjei Sowah.

The assembly needed to make sure that its bye-laws worked to send a powerful message to everybody.

He added that no country could develop amid lawlessness and disorder. “I cannot understand how some of us can break the laws of the country and expect us to develop.”  

“We want to support the AMA to make the management of the city more efficient and to increase its revenue.”

Mr. Amarquaye said the Foundation eager to help people to become time-conscious – to stay punctual.

To achieve this, it was important to tackle chaotic traffic situation resulting from avoidable obstructions.

Mr. Sowah expressed his backing for the punctuality campaign and noted that efforts at achieving the nation’s development agenda would struggle if lateness to work and other forms of indiscipline were not tackled head-on.

The focus of the campaign should not only be on the national leaders but should aim to aid the citizenry to accept to play by the rules.

“I am committed to this cause. I am committed to discipline and punctuality.”

Source: GNA 

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