I’m bringing grassroot-based political administration for NDC victory – Gunu

Mr James Gunu, a former District Chief Executive (DCE) for Akatsi North in the Volta Region, has observed that a “vibrant and innovative grass root political administration” was the surest vehicle to bring the National Democratic Congress (NDC) back to power in the 2020 general elections. 

“Grassroots are the core of every organisation. They must be fully incorporated into the Party’s main structures with channels created for free flows of opinions towards creating a sense of belonging and ownership. This is what I’m bringing on board to restore hopes and prevent apathy in future elections,” he told the Ghana News Agency.

“I’m determined to run a vibrant and innovative grassroots political administration capable of winning the 2020 elections”, the former DCE stressed.

Mr Gunu who intends to contest the Volta Regional Secretary position of the NDC said suggestion boxes and dedicated WhatsApp platforms were among novelties he would introduce into the political administration of the Party in the Region when elected.

He said such platforms and communication avenues would be established in all Party offices across the Region to receive contributions in the form of recommendations, complaints and suggestions towards Party growth and “victory 2020.”

“Day in day out, people have concerns. Whether genuine, legitimate or otherwise, they must be given regular and trusted channels to express themselves as family members,” Mr Gunu said. 

He said when given the nod, he would work with relevant institutions to create sustainable jobs and economic opportunities for the youth and unify the rank and file of the Party. 

Mr Gunu, a journalist by profession, said he would engage communication officers of the Party to establish a “Volta NDC News letter” to project activities of the Party in the Region and form research units in all the offices.

The former DCE is credited with instituting “Accounting to the people” platform through the Town Hall Meetings, creating Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) Register and Album and the placement of suggestion boxes at vantage points in the Akatsi North District.

He is also celebrated for organising get-together for NDC Party Polling Agents for the 2016 general elections and honouring them with certificates.

Mr Gunu was a former NDC Branch Chairman and Constituency Treasurer for 150/1 Lagos Town, Afia Constituency in the Western Region.

Source: GNA

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