Ghana Health Service to introduce Inactivated Polio Vaccine on June 1, 2018

The Ghana Heath Service (GHS) to introduce a new vaccine into the routine immunization throughout the country at every health facility on June 1, 2018.

Dr Kwasi Yeboah-Awudzi, the Ashanti Regional Deputy Director of Public Health who gave the hint said the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) would be given to 14 weeks old babies for extra protection.

It was during a media launch of the IPV into the routine immunization schedule held in Kumasi.  

Dr Yeboah-Awudzi said the IPV would be given as an injection on the right thigh of the child at 14 weeks along with OPV, Penta and Pneumo by trained health workers. 

He noted that the IPV vaccination was a critical step to achieving a lasting polio free country.

IPV was safe and effective, whether given alone or in combination with other vaccines, the Deputy Director stated.

He said IPV has been used in over 60 countries worldwide, over decades, and that, it was better for the child to experience one brief moment of discomfort from multiple injections, than pain on two separate days or visits. Some children may react mildly to the vaccine, noted.

Dr Yeboah-Awudzi mentioned some common side effects as swelling and tenderness at the injection site, fever, irritability (which may cause the child to cry).

He advised parents and guardians to report immediately to the nearest health facility in case the child developed any unusual reaction after the vaccination.

The Deputy Public Health Director said, to better protect the child, parents and guardians should ensure the child received all vaccines, including second dose of measles-rubella and meningitis A vaccine, on time by age two.

“If your child misses any vaccine, you can still take her/him for vaccination at the next child welfare clinic (CWC) day,” he advised. 

He called on all to help kick Polio out of Ghana.

Source: GNA

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