CHRAJ marks Labour Day giving caution against corrupt practices

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) on Tuesday said the Ghanaian worker should no longer sit on the fence but should actively get involved in national development.

“You cannot sit on the fence, no one should, join CHRAJ to bring corruption under control and to build a prosporous Ghana that offers hope to her people and people of African descent,” CHRAJ stated in a statement signed by Mr Richard Quayson, a Deputy Commissioner.

The statement copied to the Ghana News Agency expressed concern that Ghana once acknowledged as the Black Star of peoples of African descent, has allowed corruption to blight the hopes of Ghana.

The CHRAJ statement said, “Endemic corruption has contributed to the poor schools, poor hospitals, poor roads, poor public services, high cost of living, high unemployment rate, not to mention the lives that are lost needlessly through acts of corruption.

“In the words of Gertrude Himmelfarb, at every point we are confronted with shattered promises, blighted hopes, irreconcilable dilemmas, good intentions gone astray”.

“However, this need not be the story of our children and succeeding generations, “we can give to them a nation that represents hope for them if we want to, so they are not driven into slavery in other nations. It is time to rein in corruption, lawlessness and indiscipline”.

The CHRAJ statement said, it was time to take the difficult decisions and actions necessary to bring corruption under control and make it a high-risk and low-gain activity, even if those decisions and actions appear to be unpopular. Indeed, that is why we were called into leadership, not for the popular, but the difficult decisions.

“We must take the difficult decisions and actions that can build the great and strong nation we set out to build at independence,” the CHRAJ statement said.

The CHRAJ statement said the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP) seeks to mobilizing efforts and recourses of all stakeholders to prevent and combat corruption.

“Our national motto Freedom and Justice was not conceived as an empty slogan, nor was the national anthem and aspiration to build a great and strong nation a mere wish. There can be no freedom or justice in corruption, indiscipline or lawlessness,” the statement said.

CHRAJ considers NACAP as Ghana’s Strategic Response to corruption as it contained the difficult but necessary decisions and actions needed to build a free and just Ghana, where human rights and human dignity was protected, where power was accountable and governance was transparent.

Source: GNA

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