Disregard social media posts on Bagbin

The Bagbin Social Media Management Team has called on the public to disregard any statement that is not signed by any member of the Social Media Management Team.

“If we want to put up anything about the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, we shall definitely and duly inform you on our intentions.”

A statement signed by Mr James Dabanga, a member of the Bagbin Social Media Management Team and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra said there was a document making rounds that Mr Bagbin was at the CID office threatening to deal with NDC members.

The statement appealed to News Editors to verify before publishing statements purported to be coming from the office of the Second Deputy Speaker as some people have resorted to faking news about him.

Mr Dabanga said “we wish to state emphatically that Hon. Bagbin has not been invited by the CID to assist in the investigation of any crime. Hon. Bagbin is always ready and willing to assist the CID, in fact the whole Police Service, to carry out its lawful duties.”

Source: GNA

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