Struggle for independence worth it – Former Cape Verde President

Pedro Verona Rodrigues Pires – Former Cape Verde President

Africa’s political independence struggle was worth it, despite the current state of affairs in many of its countries, former President of Cape Verde, Pedro Verona Rodrigues Pires, has said.

He has therefore called for the new generation of Africans to take the trouble to study the history of colonial rule and the liberation struggle, to better appreciate the freedom they were enjoying.

The former President was addressing a press conference to herald the sixth edition of the “Africa Leadership Lectures” at the University of Development Studies in Tamale.

The three-day programme is the university’s contribution towards efforts at promoting a more effective political leadership to speed up the continent’s development.

Mr. Rodriques Pires would be delivering the lectures and would be focusing on “A vision of the struggle for liberation from colonialism”, “A vision of the construction of sovereign states”, and “African challenges”.

The high point of this year’s event would be a special congregation where UDS would confer an honorary Doctorate Degree on the former President.

Mr. Rodrigues Pires condemned nepotism and political system based on personal relations rather than personal merits.

He reminded political leaders to work for the interest of their people – create a society that worked for everybody.

Professor Gabriel Teye, the Vice-Chancellor, said the University was working to establish a Leadership Centre to assist influence governance not only in the country but the continent at large.

The lectures’ was introduced by the UDS in 2013 with the goal of facilitating and creating an environment for a discourse on leadership – to provide a platform to inspire positive and innovative leadership.

Source: GNA

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