TEIN Women Organiser tells former President Mahama not to contest

Mahama surrounded by party executives during the briefing.

Madam Fauzia Adams Yakubu, former National Democratic Congress TEIN Women Organiser has suggested to former President John Dramani Mahama to abandon the idea of coming into active politics in Ghana.

In a news statement copied to the Ghana News Agency, Madam Fauzia Yakubu said former President Mahama ‘has become a statesman and is accorded constitutionally enshrined courtesies and privileges.

“His character as a statesman is measured by the extent to which he manages national and international issues. And so, he should not be exposed to political hazards that will in anyway undermine the character of statesmanship.”

She said in spite of his heavy loss in 2016 general election, the former President was well received internationally into the circle of former presidents and should therefore live above petty partisanship.

“If the former President is leading NDC as the standard bearer, we will lack the morality to criticize the NPP of corrupt practices particularly when there were publicly widespread corruption allegations in his administration, which among other things led to the unprecedented defeat of the NDC in 2016.”

She said former President was entitled to the privileges of the office of ex-president, one of which was immunity from litigation for six years after leaving office and should he stand as a flagbearer it would open the flood gates of law suits which had the potential of denting his image as a statesman.

 Madam Yakubu who was a former UDS TEIN women Organiser said in that case it would deflect the NDC community more to defend than to project in the 2020 election especially on corruption-related issues.

She suggested to the NDC to examine from within and elect a candidate with credible and distinguished character to lead the party in the 2020 general election to provide the Ghanaian electorate a credible alternative in the general election come 2020.

“John Mahama is very popular, that is true and he’s implemented a number of development projects, which is also true. But in the midst of these projects and popularity he lost, that is also very true. “

Source: GNA

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