Environmentalists create awareness on dangers of plastic waste

As a prelude to the Earth Day March for Science, some environmentalists on Monday, raised awareness of the dangers of plastic waste to human, farm animals, aquatic lives and the environment.

The environmentalists, therefore, appealed to governments, corporate entities, civil society organisations and individuals to help address the plastic menace in order to save mother earth.

The Day, which falls on Sunday, April 22, would be marked in Ghana on Saturday, April 21, on the theme: “Eradicating Plastic Pollution.”

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

The environmentalists made the appeal at a press conference in Accra, to herald the Earth Day/March for Science 2018.

The celebration is under the auspices of Afia Beach Hotel, Hipsters of Nature, GRIPE, Al-Rayan International School, Earth Day Network and Environment360.

Mr Divine Agborli, Media Team Member for Earth Day/March for Science, said the event organised globally would galvanise support for environmental solutions, rectify environmental issues and provide possible solutions for it.

He said plastic on our environment was visible for all and its effect on our water bodies had become a serious menace. 

“Our fisher folks go to sea and plastics comes out instead of fishes. The sea creatures are also feeding on it and when we consume them we cause harm to ourselves.”

Mr Agborli encouraged all to join hands to create awareness and inform the public about earth day which was centred on plastic pollution on our environment.

He said activities for the day would include; a beach clean-up, an opening address to discuss the purpose of gathering, an exhibition, a round table discussion where experts would be invited to talk about credible solutions to eradicate plastic problems.

Others are performance by environmental cautious groups who would come to educate and promote environmental sustainability concepts; fun activities- beach games, community morals.

“There is a need for us to take actions about plastics and its pollutions, to promote environmental issues and find credible solutions to eradicate plastic waste,” he said.

He encouraged Ghanaians to make every day an earth day in order to address environmental problem as they come.

He stated that the solution lies in the hands of individuals; adding that therefore, in relation to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) six, “we must be concerned and come together to fight for a safe, clean and healthy Ghana”. 

Mr Maurice Caschinco, Environment360, Communication Coordinator, said over the years, the nation’s beaches had been flooded with plastics, and as a result when fishermen go out to fish, they end up catching plastics in the nets.

He said there was the need for Ghana to find a lasting solution to the menace of plastic waste.

“The issue of plastics is not a government issue, it’s not a foreign policy issue, its ‘us’, therefore just as people are providing practical’s solutions to it in their countries, we too must strive to help curb this menace. Start segregating waste and stop dumping waste in gutters,” he said.

“Instead of burning plastic waste which would in turn bring serious health hazards, let us see recycling as the way forward,” Mr Caschinco added.

Madam Helen List, the Chief Executive Officer, Afia Beach Hotel, said: “We can all work together to find solutions to the plastic problems. It is dangerous consuming fishes that have plastics in them.” 

“We can find alternatives to plastics use in order to reduce the amount of filth produced in the country,” she stated.

Rufai Zakari, Creative Director, Hipsters of Nature, called for the use of plastic waste for artistic work as part of efforts to eradicate it.

“With many efforts to make people aware of the essence of plastic waste, creativity has made it simple in recent times,” he said.

“Nothing is dead and gone, plastic can be recycled and brought back to life to serve as a great art work and possibly something useful,” he added.

At the event, some artistic works from plastic waste were exhibited.

Source: GNA

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