Creation of Savana region would retain “Kayayei” – Lepowura

Lepowura Alhaji M.N.D Jawula, has stated that the creation of the Savana region out of the Northern Region would help retain the head porters (Kayayei) to develop the area where they live.

“Those who have already migrated to other parts of the country for greener pastures will be brought back to the Northern region because there will be jobs.”

Lepowura Jawula made this known at the last public hearing of the Commission of enquiry into the creation of new regions.

Lepowura who is the spokesperson for the proposed Savana region said, there would be profound economic transformation as increased agricultural productivity would be the driving force of the area.

He said tourism, among other business opportunities would be encouraged to provide jobs for the youth and dissuade them from moving to the southern sector for non-existent jobs, noting that if the nod was given, the area, made up of a wide range of ethnic groups would benefit from developmental projects.

On social participation, he said the area was made up of Gonjas, Bassares, Konkombas, Dagaabas, Sissalas, Fulanis, Hausas, Fantes, Nawuris people and others, who had peacefully co-existed and  decision making at all levels would be smooth to promote development due to ethnic inclusion.

The Lepowura said, Gonja-land covered a 70,384 square Kilometres, one-third of Ghana, but lacked enough educational infrastructure and had bad road networks, poor healthcare as all were centred at the regional capital-Tamale.

He said there had been total neglect of their lands as there was no single circuit court to facilitate justice delivery.

The Lepowura said because Government appointees were not based in the area, it denied them of their share of the national cake adding that governance would be brought to their doorsteps with the creation of the Savana region.

Mr Dan Kweku Botwe, Minister for Regional Re-organisation and Development said, people could still bring in their memoranda or meet the Commission but would not have a public hearing and promised to submit all their views to the President for consideration.

Both Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor, a Deputy Chief of Staff and Mr John Abdulai Jinapor, Member of Parliament for Yapei Kusawgu, agreed that the new region would not be for tribe or party but for administrative purposes that would promote development.

Retired Justice Alan Brobbey, Chairman of the Commission observed that for the first time in Ghana, a wide range of people including Dr Abu Sakara, others from PNC, NDC, NPP and religious leaders had agreed on an issue.

Source: GNA

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