The name Tema West Municipality robs Nungua of its identity – Nii Nungua

Nii Noble Odaifio Welentsi III

The Paramount Chief of Nungua, Nii Noble Odaifio Welentsi III, has asked government to change the name of the newly created Tema West municipality to also reflect the identity of Nungua.

“Why can’t we call the new municipality Nungua Tema West Municipality like Kpone Katamanso to reflect the identity of the two communities so that in future if there is the need to separate the two, it would be easy,” he said.

He said this on Tuesday in an exclusive Interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at the Nungua Mantse Palace, Nungua.

He observed that his outfit was not consulted when the government was creating the new municipality and warned that “if they fail to consult us when appointing a Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the municipality, we will not take it lightly.”

He added that “this is because the paramount chief knows his people and so the government should give the people what they want.”

Nii Welentsi II observed that the Nungua people were the first to settle on the land with a large proportion of Nungua lands in the new municipality, and therefore he saw no reason why Nungua should be joined to another community to form a municipality.

King (Prof) Welentsi was also not happy about the siting of the headquarters of the municipality at Community Two in Tema.

He said, “The siting of the headquarters at Community Two will affect revenue collection because most of the lands are here in Nungua with people having to go all the way to Tema just to pay taxes.”

He said the Nungua stool accepted the name Tema West Municipality just for the sake of the inauguration of the new municipality and therefore called on government to consider an immediate reversal of the name to avoid unnecessary litigations.

He cautioned that when it came to using revenue collected for developmental purposes, they should make sure not to concentrate developments in Tema and forget Nungua.

Nii Welensti praised Nana Addo-Danquah Akufo Addo’s government for creating a separate Krowor Municipality for Nungua, and called for a “Nungua North Municipality which should include Katamanso, Santor, Oyibi, etc. which are Nungua communities currently under the Kpone Katamanso Municipality.”

Source: GNA

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