Cocoa products consumption prevents malaria – Prof Addai

Professor Frederick K. Addai, Head of Anatomy, University of Ghana Medical School has encouraged the public to consume cocoa products because it helps prevent malaria.
According to the Professor, the consumption of cocoa kills the malaria parasites and stimulates the body system, making it work better and stronger.
Prof Addai said this in Accra, at a lecture to mark the 2018 COCOBOD Senior Staff Association (COSSA) week celebration, on the theme: “Cocoa Consumption: Business and Health Impact”.
He said Cocoa offers anti-inflammatory qualities that lower high blood pressure, adding that, flavonoid-rich cocoa aids in lowering blood pressure and improves the elasticity of blood vessels.
He said research studies revealed positive changes in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure with the consumption of cocoa-based products, as well as helps in maintaining a healthy circulatory system, instead of drinking black or green tea.
Prof Addai said because cocoa contains a lot of magnesium, it improves and helps the blood vessels to work better. It also helps in frequent urination, reducing the blood volume in the body system.
“Regular consumption of Cocoa improves eye sight and develops the brain to work well, improves female cycle, prevents diabetes, hypertension and stroke and also helps to prevent cancer from developing”, he added.
The Professor posited that the consumption of cocoa has been shown to be effective in improving insulin resistance and glucose metabolism, this, in turn, aids in regulating sugar levels in the body.
He said Cocoa had demonstrated beneficial effects in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells without affecting the growth of normal healthy cells.
Prof Addai stressed that Cocoa has also been found to be effective in maintaining good skin health, adding that, research findings suggested that the consumption of flavonol-rich cocoa products aids in enhancing skin elasticity, hydration, and density.
Mr Theodore Adu, Chairman of COSSA said the lecture was part of activities to mark this year’s COSSA week celebration to champion the consumption of cocoa products in the country.
He said as part of the activities, COSSA embarked on health walk, donated to the Ghana Heart Foundation and organised blood donation.
Mr Adu said for the country to achieve its agenda of ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’, it was necessary for all and sundry to consume more cocoa products to increase the returns of farmers.

Source: GNA

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