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African Editors Forum calls for immediate release of journalists held by Sudan authorities

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The Sudaneses authorities are impeding press freedom in the country by targeting journalists and newspapers over every anything imaginable including merely reporting of protests that have taken place.

The African Editors Forum (TAEF) has continued to draw the attention of the Sudanese authorities to this bad habit of arresting and detaining journalists.

In a statement issued Saturday February 3, 2018, TAEF has again expressed deep concern about the welfare of a journalist – a young mother who has been detained by the Sudanese authorities.

TAEF repeated its condemnation of the arrest of Habbani, Ahmed Jadien, Kamal Karrar and other journalists, just for doing their work and the confiscation, by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) of independent newspapers.

“TAEF calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Amel Jadien, Karrar and other journalists. If the Sudanese law enforcement authorities have any reason to hold them, then they must immediately bring them to court,” the group of continental editors demanded.

Making further demands, TAEF asked the Sudanese government to stop denying the Sudanese people access to information by confiscating publications such as Al-Jarida and Al-Midan.

“Sudanese journalists have been arrested and publications seized just for reporting on how the people of Sudan reacted to the Sudanese government’s decision to devaluate the local currency and increase the price of bread.  

TAEF reiterates its condemnation of the arbitrary confiscation of newspapers by law enforcement authorities,” it said.

The group reiterated its call to the government of Sudan, calling on it to “immediately stop the harassment of the media and allow for media in Sudan to publish and broadcast without fear or favour.”

TAEF in the statement copied to ghanabusinessnews.com, says it expresses deep solidarity with and will continue to support Sudanese journalists who continue to work under difficult conditions.

According to TAEF, the journalists recently demonstrated against proposed new laws designed to tighten media freedom in Sudan. Amongst other, the proposed law would allow the statutory Sudan press council to ban a newspaper from publishing for 15 days without a court order.

“TAEF calls on the government of Sudan scrap the draft law and to dismantle the National Council for Press and Publications. TAEF further calls on the African Union to exert pressure on Sudan and other African governments to remove, from their statuette books, laws that are inimical to media freedom,” it added.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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