Failure to pay tax is against constitution – NCCE

Mr Tahiru Imoro, Zabzugu District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has reiterated that failure to pay one’s full tax liabilities is against the constitution of Ghana.

He said honouring one’s tax obligation is a mandatory financial charge imposed on the taxpayer by governmental organization to fund various public expenditures embedded in the constitution of Ghana that is punishable by law (Article 41 of the 1992 Constitution).

Mr Imoro said these at separate durbars in the Zabzugu District during an engagement with Religious groups, Traditional authorities, Women groups, Youth groups, Artisans, Transport operators, Market women and men, Taxable persons and Entities on the need to be responsive on tax payment.

The exercise formed part of the nationwide campaign on tax compliance and was aimed at raising the awareness of the public on improved taxpayer’s behavior and readiness to pay tax voluntarily, to enable government to provide socio-economic development.

The exercise, organized by NCCE, in collaboration with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), was undertaken in 20 selected communities within the Zubzugu district on tax compliance dubbed ‘Our Taxes-Our Future’.

Mr Imoro indicated that, government has initiated several developmental programmes with the aim of providing basic social amenities, urging the public to honor their tax obligation to enhance national revenue mobilization.

During the event, the public were educated on the type of tax regimes such as direct tax, indirect tax, personal income tax, corporate tax, and exercise tax, custom duty, land revenue tax and Value Added Tax (VAT).

The exercise was broadcast at dawn and dusk as well as radio engagements, as strategies to disseminate the right information for public engagement. 

He urged the public to remain responsive in performing their civic duty by paying their taxes to contribute towards the development of the country, saying, “Taxpayers are nation builders, taxes build great nations, and every little tax helps”.

Source: GNA

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