Ghanaians cannot wait to see CPP united – Agyepong 

A 2016 Presidential Aspirant of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Mr Joseph Agyapong on Friday said “Ghanaians are waiting for a Convention Peoples Party (CPP) government again for the resurrection of the nation’s development”.

Mr Agyepong said Ghanaians want to see a CPP united as a party and fighting for their wellbeing.

He was however not happy about the current situation of the CPP, saying that, the party has fallen in standard and was now considered as one of the smaller political parties in Ghana.

He said Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Dr Hilla Limann left a vibrant and strong political organization for this generation to continue with their good legacies, but “what are we doing as a political party with the great ideology of national development.”

“Today, few people within the CPP have sold our ideology, pride and national developmental, if Nkrumah had sold the CPP to the British, could we have obtained the independence and the peace we have today in Ghana.

He said “Before any economy can yield long term results, it needs proper systems, strong institutions; proper control of corruption and these can never be done until right leaders are in place.

The astute politician, who is also the President of Providence Telecommunication Company, based in Canada, was speaking at a press conference on the NPP government’s one year in office.

The statement focused on key sectors namely education, economy, corruption, road networks, national data base among others.

He said the NPP administration led by President Nana Addo had attained a few success stories such as a strong willingness to control illegal mining (Galamsey), maintaining and properly controlling inflation and the foreign exchange rate.

“Also maintaining and balancing our energy sector, although we still have some issues to resolve, but they have done what they have to do within a year to make our energy needs stable”.   

He, however, said he is not impressed with the way the government had generally managed and handled the economy in the past year and criticized the current government for not doing much to improve the economic status of the country and hopes a lot more would be done.

He said free education is a good and amazing policy, “I agree and support free SHS but not the way this administration has implemented it.”

“I have no doubt that this current administration has men with high qualifications and experience in all areas of nation building, but most the policies introduced by the current NPP administration have caused other sectors to be stagnant.

He said bad roads, the environment, especially sanitation, health and employment are huge problems still confronting the country.

“A sustainable economy always stands on a sustainable foundation and Ghana needs simple systems that will become basic element for all government to follow.”

Source: GNA

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