Changing Africa’s narrative, one PR campaign at a time

Famine, war, and drought are how many countries perceive Africa, and we need to change this, but how?

The answer…..Social Media.

Social Media is an excellent tool for spreading the word. We have seen how multi-billion dollar companies have used it. Driving even more business their way. So why shouldn’t we be doing the same?

Whether you are a solopreneur or you own a large company, by engaging on Social Media you are able to introduce your brand to the rest of the world.

Public relations over the past few years has evolved. Companies no longer need to rely on the old-fashioned printed statements.

We now live in a digital world and we need to adapt to the change.

So how can Social Media help?

Social Media has now become a fantastic tool used to spread the word. Whether it be current affairs or businesses wanting to get their brand recognised.

Due to the new digital age that we live in, traditional media channels use social media as a source to find information. Internet trends are now appearing in news headlines, and we should be taking advantage of this.

Media channels no longer consist of just newspapers and the daily news that we see on our televisions or hear on radio. We can now include blogs and podcasts. Audience numbers are expanding on a daily basis, and this is where “trends” are created.

By running PR campaigns on Social Media platforms, we are able to drive traffic to our businesses. Changing potential clients into real clients.

According to a poll run by, 57.5% of people asked, said they would buy from a business that they follow on Social Media. A further 75% bought something because they had seen it on Social Media.

The statistics offer hope to all businesses. Social Media as a PR tool can help how we run our businesses. Increase brand awareness, open our brand to avenues that we had never before thought of and increase sales.

If all business adapted to using Social Media to run PR campaigns, the economic growth would begin to change. Little by little, we can help the growth in Africa too.

This is where we can change Africa’s narrative. Let’s use Social Media to change the perception of Africa, let’s educate people. But more importantly, show the world what we have to offer.

Africa is open for business and we are ready to trade!

By Adisa Amanor-Wilks

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