Police ups effort to build public confidence 

Commissioner of Police (COP) Yaagy Akuribah, Director-General of the National Police Patrol Department, has reminded the officers and men to be courteous and professional in the discharge of their duties.

They should respect the fundamental human rights of everybody and must never leave anybody in doubt about their unwavering commitment to ensure the safety of the law-abiding.

He said this was the path to travel to build public confidence – win the support of the people.

COP Akuribah was speaking at a meeting held with senior police officers, investigators and community policing assistants.

The goal was to help deepen understanding of the new direction of community policing – visibility and accessibility.

The Director-General drew attention to the need to encourage the formation of community neighborhood watch committees to aid the crime fight.

It was also important for the police to find new ways and strategies to stay ahead of those, who had chosen to live outside of the law and strengthened intelligence gathering. 

COP Akuribah underlined the determination of the police administration to make sure that there was peace in the communities and to assure all of adequate security protection and their safety.

He added that it was eager to promote international best practices to become a world class police service.

This would require effective supervision and monitoring, team work and to overcome the weak and confused command and control.

He said the minimal respect for human rights and other negative traits, which tended to affect quality service delivery, could not continue.

COP Akuribah indicated that the transformation agenda, spearheaded by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) was meant to deal with those challenges.

He told the meeting that community policing assistants were being trained in communication and observation skills, intelligence gathering and basic police duties.

Source: GNA

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