Global Network groups protest against coal mining in Germany

Members of various global, regional and national networks and movements gathered early Wednesday morning in front of the entrance to the offices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change protested against coal mining in Germany.

They also called on governments to take measures towards transforming energy systems and keeping global temperatures below 1.5 C.
The group led by two people dressed in the form of masquerades were chanting and shouting with an eight point demand from the various governments 

They demanded that before the end of 2018, government must commit to 100 per cent energy for all to be activated not later than 2030 for developed countries and as early as possible before developing countries.

They asked that government should pledge the finance necessary to build democratic gender-justice, renewable energy systems for communities, ensure a just transition, provide universal access to energy, support demand side reduction and energy saving measures.

They want governments to agree to an international moratorium new coal projects to be implemented not later than January 2019 and ban fracking and adopt global on new fossil fuel exploration techniques starting in 2016 towards ending fossil fuels extractions as soon as possible.

They also asked governments to stop large and dangerous energy projects including; offshore gas drilling in Mozambique, Dakota access pipeline in the US and offshore drilling in Lofoten.

“Governments should also announce a phase out of public subsidies for fossil fuels to be completed by 2020 for all developed countries and the international institutions they fund and by 2025 for all developing countries.

“Governments should also withdraw all public financing of large-scale biogas burning, agro fuels, mega-dams and waste incineration by 2018 and adopt building national and international policies that prohibit industries engaged in unacceptable practices from participating in the international and national climate policy forums.

Various write-ups shared to onlookers on their ways to the COP23 indicated that the biggest coal mine in Europe is located just outside Bonn, visible to the UN tower.

It said that during COP23, the mine operated twenty four hours digging and burning the dirtiest form of coal (lignite).
Adding that COP23 electricity came from the coal pit and the coal power plans next to it.

The group indicated that during COP23 the destruction of the forest was paused for a few days but right after the COP the forest was scheduled to be destroyed completely.

The groups indicated that Angel Merkel’s party was negotiating the coalition for the new government adding that the Green party which could be part of the new German government demanded a coal exit and shutting down the dirtiest lignite power plants immediately.

Source: GNA

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