West Hills Shoppers to ‘Catch-the-Cash’ Ahead of Christmas

Patrons of West Hills Mall will get busy chasing cash in an exceptional month-long promo which the mall management says, will turn the art of shopping into a memorable day out experience for all shoppers. 

When the ‘Catch-the-cash’ campaign opens today, November 15, patrons of Accra’s biggest and trendiest shopping destination will savour the excitement of a captivating promo, which starts with instant prize wins from a wheel of fortune and ends with an enticing bonanza for lucky shoppers after a ‘scramble’ for cash in a ‘money booth’.

Shoppers who spend a minimum of GHC 300 would qualify to enter the Catch-the-Cash promotion, enabling them to spin a wheel of fortune to win a variety of prizes instantly. But one of the prizes on the wheel will be a jackpot which qualifies the shopper to go into battle in the catch-the-cash duel in a ‘money booth’. 

The money booth is a special cubicle with piles of hard cash flying about freely under air pressure and whatever amount the shopper manages to catch within a stipulated 15 second period shall be converted into shopping vouchers for the shopper to spend in the mall.

“Once again, as we approach the festive season, we have come up with something to enrich the shopping experience of our patrons and we are highly expectant of the thrills this catch-the-cash promo will generate at our facility ahead of Christmas,” said Michael Konadu, Marketing Manager.

“To enable as many of our patrons as possible to enjoy the fun this promo brings, we have aggregated the minimum shopping threshold of GHC 300 so that shopping receipts from different stores can be added up to enable many shoppers to qualify to play,” Konadu said.

The catch-the-cash promo will end on December 15, paving the way for an enchanting bouquet of events and activities, as well as a series of loyalty-rewarding promotions during the festive yuletide.

Located at Dunkonah on the Accra-Winneba highway, West Hills Mall, has since 2014, evolved into the capital’s trendiest shopping destination and a leading address for family hangouts and recreation.  

Source: GNA

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