Samir ready to offer Bukom Banku a re-match

Bastie Samir, who handed local boxing idol Braimah “Bukom Banku” Kamoko, his first ever defeat in professional boxing since 2000, is ready to offer the later another opportunity in a re-match.

Braimah, 37, lost his first ever professional fight after his 30th fight, whilst Samir remains unbeaten at 16 fights.

Samir, 31, immediately after the match opted to fight kamoko again if he is willing, after handing him a seventh round knockout in a non title Cruiserweight contest at the Bukom Boxing Arena in the late hours of Saturday.

It was an all action fight, with a toe-to-toe exhibition from the two boxers, till the seventh round when Braimah failed to survive the count allowing referee Fred Ghartey to signal the end of the much publicized fight tagged “make or break” organized by Bos Office Sports Promotions.

This was after Kamoko, had suffered a cut on top of his right eye following a hefty left hook from Samir.

This dazed Kamoko and nearly sent him to the canvas but the referee stopped the fight temporary and allowed medical treatment, but Braimah was unable to continue.

His legs were visibly weak and he lost his balance and appeared dazed, whilst approaching the referee and this compelled him to call off the fight for Samir-a former Olympian.

Prior to this, the first two rounds had been full of exchanges until a powerful left hook from Samir sent Banku to the canvas, but he survived the count.

This was after several body punches from Samir, with little response from Kamoko.

Kamoko, attempted a strong comeback in the fourth round, but Bastie always countered fiercely, taking him on every pound in the fourth and fifth round.

Braimah, who had predicted a sixth round knock-out for Samir, came into the round with that intention and pushed his opponent to the corner, succeeded in delivering valid punches, but it looks as if the United States of America (USA) based Samir was out to survive.

He withstand the pressure and finally had his time to end the era of one of the most loved local boxers who had been undefeated since professional career began in the year 2000.

Bastie remains the new sensation on the local boxing front and seems to have brought his his dreams of being the only boxer to have stopped Kamoko to a reality.

Source: GNA

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