Convicted fraudster Mehran Keshe claims he is still operating in Ghana

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

The man convicted of fraud by a Belgian court in the city of Kortrijk on August 7, 2017, the Iranian Mehran Tavakoli Keshe claims he is still operating in Ghana, making the same claims for which he was convicted in Belgium.

Keshe was convicted for defrauding some eight Belgians of their money with false claims about the efficacy of his plasma products. Keshe claims he is a Nuclear Physicist and says his plasma products can cure all manner of ailments including diabetes, HIV and AIDS.

The Belgian court found Keshe and his wife guilty of fraud and sentenced the couple to suspended prison terms. Keshe was given 18 months and his wife, Carolina De Roos received a 12-months sentence. The court also cited him for practicing medicine illegally in Belgium.

While the Ghana Atomic Energy which signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Keshe Foundation and gave it some legitimacy has abrogated the MoU when it found out that Keshe’s claims can’t be scientifically proven, Keshe claims he is still operating in the country.

In his weekly online video streaming held on August 24, 2017 Keshe who hardly speaks any scientific language and can hardly draw a diagram correctly, says he has secured the land for the building of a factory in Ghana from where he will produce his plasma items and spread across into other African countries including Togo, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. It is yet to be established where this land is located.

The Minister of Science, Environment and Technology, Dr. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng has stated that the claims of Keshe have been found not to be genuine, including his academic qualifications.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi
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  1. Rick Crammond says

    What do the people say who actually use Keshe products?

  2. grinder says

    @Rick: It is absolutely irrelevant, what some of these cult followers say. Fact is, that none of Keshes technology has ever worked. No flying car, no free energy generator, no cancer healing, no space ship etc…

    From the Belgian court case:
    “Mrs XXX’s (mother of Anna) daughter became a coma patient through a traffic accident; Via the internet, the mother sought fellow parents in October 2009, but was contacted by the second convict (Caroline De Roose), who proposed a treatment by her husband; given her daughter’s hopeless situation, she agreed to a treatment; The first convict (Mehran Keshe) visited her daughter Anna a few times in the hospital; The first convict manipulated her body; she had to breathe air through certain equipment; He blamed Anna’s mother of radiating negative energy, which allegedly prevented her daughter from waking up; She was not supposed to get closer to Anna.
    Afterwards, Mehran Keshe claimed that Anna herself stubbornly refused to wake up; In the end, Mehran Keshe wanted to feed fast food to Anna, although he himself said that this was a very dangerous hazard for a coma patient.
    On February 13, 2010, Mehran Keshe announced that Anna had woken up; The kinesiologist who had arrived could not enter the room; He noticed, however, that Anna’s condition was worrying and critical; Her face was very reddish and she had convulsions; Mehran Keshe said nothing was wrong, However, the kinesiologist called the Medical Doctor who decided it was time for an emergency hospitalisation; Afterwards it turned out that a bunch of solid food had entered into her lungs. Without hospitalisation she would have died.”

  3. Mircea din Vascauti says

    If all that testimonials are irrelevant why should someone consider relevant the content of this article and the claims that the technology doesn’t work? When thousands of people around the word use it day by day for health issues, agricultural improvement, electrical power reduction and so on and only authorities and their representatives don’t want to accept all these, is obvious who’s discrediting.

  4. Victor says

    What do the people say who actually use Keshe products?

    – I can not use it! I’ve paid for it, but this fraud organization has not delivered and doesn’t answer my eMails!

    – Oh, there are strange noices and sparkles and it smells like smoke! This is dangerous nonsense!

    – Oh no! I payed 1200 Euro for this scrap of plastic and metal.

  5. buzzf33d says

    Rick- it’s good to see that you keep pushing this global scam, no matter how many times it has been debunked. Keep doing that and rest assured that you will go to jail along with Keshe and all his other a$$kissing associates. Maybe that’s what you want and need anyway, since you are unable to make a living on your own. At least you will have free housing and free food in jail, right? In the real world we have laws for a reason. You keep pushing a scam, you keep harming and deceiving – you go to jail. That’s just how things are.

    Before you post your next statement, show us at least ONE university in the real world that can confirm Keshe’s claims, or any of the insane claims you and all the other cult followers made. You won’t, because you can’t. You guys live in a dream world of self-glorification, where each one of you has the ultimate power to do whatever you wish, regardless of the damage you cause without even noticing it. This belief has been planted into your minds by a Luciferian cult leader, who keeps challenging God at every turn. We all know how this story will end, because evil cannot win. The only ones who don’t see that is you cult followers.

  6. Victor says

    Here you can see some of the crimes of the cult “Keshe foundation” in its own advertisement, so there is no doubt at all that he is a criminal:

    He showed it in his better times, where he was not yet convicted in Belgium. He actually sold bottles of water in Ghana as medicine. 10 Dollar for a bottle of water! Keshe promises the recovery from pains, diabetic, high blood pressure, food poisoning.
    This is a crime, Keshe is not a doctor and all his products are not tested and useless!
    He doesn’t care if he causes damages, he is all about the money. Why is it possible, that he is still not convicted in Ghana? Why can he still claim to operate in Ghana?

  7. Robert Stankowic says

    Rick, face it, that your messiah is nothing but a dirty little crook and his lies and scam and slander have finally been uncovered. And think about the fact, that you are in danger to end up in court together with him next time a case against him will be processed, which is very likely to come soon.

  8. Peter says

    Here is a list of the collected lies of the deceiver Keshe:

    He is a profoundly ill liar!

  9. bass blom says

    all of the testimonials on the pain pads from before 070917 can be considered placebo effect as mr keshe said this week one pad does not work. you need two.. one with a strong field and one with a weaker field.
    once again he insults his clients/followers.

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