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The Burundian wedding where height didn’t matter

Last Saturday August 12, 2017 a couple got married in the northern part of Burundi, in the capital of Ngozi province. A young woman called Annociate Munezero married to a young man Bernard Munezero. The difference in their heights was striking. The man was three times taller than the woman and bigger as well. The man stands at above five feet and the woman is about three feet.

“The first time I met Bernard I was returning from writing a national test. He discovered that my surname is the same as his – Munezero- and he became interested in me. He later managed to get my contact and began conversing with me on the mobile phone. From that moment, we strengthened our friendship and eventually fell in love”, She revealed to a Burundian newspaper.

Most of the people, who attended the wedding ceremony, did so out of curiosity to see what the bride’s family members look like, assuming they are all of the same height and stature.

Annociate, holds a bachelor’s degree in Interpretation and Translation from the Faculty of Arts and from a private University of Ngozi. Bernard on the other hand has no formal education but runs his own business.

Annociate also volunteers at a local radio station in her community where she is famous and noted because of her stature, and the station broadcast the wedding live, and additionally, the couple were supported by the community to perform the marriage ceremony –  all costs were covered. Transportation, priest to celebrate the marriage, choir, dancing team, and so on.

“Love is a matter of two persons. No one else. Let people say whatever they want. We don’t care,” Annociate said in response to comments some people had made about the marriage.

By Apollo Nkurunziza

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  1. Jonas Lynx Bigirimana

    Thank You Appolo. That’s really true love. It can serve as a good example for those who pretend to love somebody while they love what they are or they have. May God bless the new couple!!!