Court orders insertion of Omanhene’s name in register  

A Kumasi High Court has ordered the insertion of the name of the Omanhene of Awiaso, Awulae Kaku Aka III, in the register of chiefs.
His name had been expunged from the register in November 2014, based on a request by the Western Regional House of Chiefs.
The court, presided over by Justice Charles Adjei Wilson, ruled that the decision to withdraw his recognition by the National House of Chiefs (NHC) was wrong in law.
It went ahead to award cost of GH¢5,000.00 to the Omanhene each against the NHC and Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III.
Awulae Kaku became Omanhene of Awiaso after the death of Awulae Kaku Ackah II, in October 2013.
His predecessor had been recognized by the NHC and registered in its gazette, but in a surprise twist the Regional House requested the deletion and cancellation of the Awiaso Traditional Council from the national register of chiefs and this was done.
He was denied the opportunity to be heard and therefore took the matter to the court to challenge the decision and to get it quashed.
The court held that natural justice demanded that the Omanhene should have been heard by the house before deleting his name from the register, adding that administrative bodies must act fairly and justly.
The background to the case is that the predecessor of the Omanhene requested the NHC on February 08, 2007 to enter his name in the register as the overlord of the Nzemaland.
The research committees of both the NHC and the Western Regional House of Chiefs after investigation concluded that there was no evidence to support his claim as overlord and therefore the request was declined.
In February 2009, the deceased brought a new petition, this time applying for recognition as the Paramount Chief of Awiaso and this was approved on August 25, 2009, since the Awiaso stool is an independent stool.
His successor, after his installation was made to pay a sitting allowance and processing fee of GH?350.00 to the acting President of the Regional House of Chiefs.  
The House then initiated an investigation to establish whether he was properly installed but ended up recommending the deletion of the Awiaso Traditional Council from the national register of chiefs

Source: GNA

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