JB murder trial adjourned

The prosecution in the case involving two persons allegedly involved in the murder of the late J. B. Danquah Adu, Member of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa North, on Thursday again prayed the court for a short adjournment.    

For the second time, the prosecution prayed the court to adjourn the matter on the basis that, investigations were still ongoing and for the accused persons to be remanded.

Police Detective Inspector Simon Apiorsornu, holding brief for Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) George Amega at the last adjourned date told the court that the investigative team has chanced upon some “leads” which they would like pursue after which they would prepare a duplicate docket to the Attorney General for advice.

On Thursday when the case was called, the prosecution still prayed the court to adjourn the case to enable them to conclude that new investigations.

The court presided over by Madam Arit Nsemoh obliged the prosecution and adjourned the matter to July 27.

Daniel Asiedu aka sexy Dondon and Vincent Bosso aka Junior Agogo have been charged with abetment of crime to wit murder.

Asiedu is additionally charged with murder.

They were discharged from a High Court when the Attorney General filed for discontinuation of the earlier trial but were later re-arrested and fresh charges preferred.

Earlier, Prosecuting Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) George Amega had told the court that Aseidu resides at Agbogboloshie and Bosso was his friend.

He said a deceased Joseph Boakye Danqauh Adu was the MP for Abuakwa North constituency in the Eastern Region.

Aseidu had been talking to Bosso to plan some robbery expedition. On February 8, last year, at about 11:30 pm Aseidu and Bosso armed themselves with various implements such as a screw driver, a cutter, and knife left Agbogboloshie to East Legon on a robbery spree.

The accused persons walked around to see which house they were going to rob and eventually pointed at the house of the deceased as a potential house they were going to rob. Bosso however left after a disagreement on the choice of the MP”s house.

He said Aseidu entered the house of the deceased and noticed that there was light in the MP’s bedroom upstairs and also he could not easily access the room.

Aseidu took a ladder and with the aid of it he climbed onto the porch and entered through the window.

Meanwhile around that time 11:40 pm, the deceased had arrived in his house and went to bed. Asiedu on seeing lights on the deceased room entered and began to search the room. In the process, the MP woke up and attempted to stop Aseidu.

Asiedu who had a knife stabbed the deceased several times in the neck and chest. The MP bled and collapsed.

While Aseidu was stabbing the MP, he (Asiedu) also sustained various cuts in his palm and chest.

Asiedu found in the room three mobile phones and later escaped through the adjourning house and fled.

A security man in the deceased house later found that the ladder was on the wall to the deceased room. The security man raised an alarm and he and other occupants in the house entered the MP’s room and saw the deceased in a pool of blood.

Autopsy report indicated that the MP died of excessive bleeding as a result of multiple stabbing. Investigations led to the arrest of accused persons. Aseidu had indicated that he only went there to steal.

Source: GNA

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