Torrential rains render over 200 homeless

More than 200 hundred residents of Nyomoase in the Atebubu-Amanten District of Brong-Ahafo Region have been rendered homeless due to a  torrential rainfall in the area.

Residents of the town which is situated between two rivers, River Apoi and River Akwasi Kruka, had their personal belongings, money and domestic animals washed away by the rainwater.    

Mr Akwasi A.  Magellan, Nyomoase Zonal Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said the rain started on Wednesday at about 1700 hrs and continued throughout the night.

He said residents had been suffering similar disasters since 2012 and had complained to government through the District Assembly for the expansion of bridges and gutters in the town to ensure the free flow of rain water during rainy seasons.

Mr Magellan said even though there were no deaths, if nothing positive was done immediately about the situation something worse could happen and called for government’s immediate intervention to save lives and properties.

He said the situation was also negatively affecting quality education in the area as school children could not go to school whenever it rained heavily due to the overflow of the two rivers as the school is situated very close to River Apoi.

Madam Mavis Owusu, a teacher of the local District Assembly Junior  High school, said part of the school block’s roof were ripped off  before the end of last  term but all efforts for the Assembly to re-roof it has proved futile.

She said that currently majority of the pupils study under trees and the school had to close whenever it was about to rain.

She said the few classrooms have also developed cracks and could easily collapse if there was heavy rain during class hours.

Madam Owusu appealed to the assembly to help create a conducive environment for the students.

Source: GNA

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