Tourism Ministry launches campaign to promote Ghana’s culture

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts has launched the ‘See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, and Feel Ghana’ campaign with a call on Ghanaians to up their game in the development and promotion of Ghana’s culture. 

Madam Cathrine Afeku, the sector Minister, said with the growing global competition for tourists, Ghanaians must appreciate what they had and lead the way into people’s heart to enable them to appreciate their tourism potentials. 

“Ghana has huge tourism potential with an exciting mix of products such as culture, eco-tourism, heritage, beaches and conference tourism: and a people well acclaimed as warm and friendly. We have the ingredients of a beckoning and enticing destination.”

Madam Afeku said the campaign was to mark the beginning of a re-awakening of the sense of nationalism, the feeling of believing in one’s self and reaffirming the individual conviction and sense of pride and, therefore, contribute to the development and promotion of Ghana. 

She said the campaign was also a call to all and sundry to help repackage and re-brand Ghana for a better tomorrow to promote Ghanaian businesses, made in Ghana products as well as repackage the Ghanaian tourism products. 

Madam Afeku said: “As we repackage our products to appreciate international standards we help to promote businesses in Ghana and beyond in order to attract investors.”

She noted that the Ministry existed to provide a firm and stable policy environment for effective mainstreaming of Ghanaian culture into all aspects of national lives and to ensure the strong emergence of a vibrant creative economy to improve and advance the tourism industry.

“We as Ghanaians possess core values and virtues which have to be perpetuated by subsequent generations for the survival and continuity process and for economic advancement.”

Madam Afeku said the Ghanaian creative and culture industry must, therefore, be given the boost to operate effectively, hence the institution of the campaign as a unique brand to draw people’s attention and create the necessary awareness for goods and services produced in Ghana.

She urged stakeholders in the tourism, arts and culture industries as well as individuals to get actively involved in the project to make it work for the nation. 

Source: GNA

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