Nationwide Medical Insurance launches micro-health insurance product

Nationwide Health Insurance Company Limited, a leading indigenous private health insurance company in partnership with Roche, has launched the first ever micro-health insurance product on the Ghanaian market.

The product known as “My Health” is designed to provide every resident in Ghana the opportunity to access quality, affordable and convenient healthcare, including full coverage of breast cancer to its members.

Mr Isaac Nartey, Business Development Manager, Nationwide Medical Insurance, said the product would cover essential healthcare, with affordable value and focus on the informal sector, featuring individual and family plans.

“Benefits of the scheme include prescribed drugs, maternity care, surgical treatment, hospital admission and accommodation at partner health facilities, medical consultation, diagnostic investigation, chronic care and breast cancer treatment and reimbursement,” he said.

Mr Nartey said the product was open to individuals and families from both the formal and informal sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises, traders, union groups/associations, churches, mosques and schools.

“Also, staff at healthcare facilities have been trained adequately to provide care for members and an IT solution has been installed for all service providers to monitor and evaluate healthcare facilities and scheme subscribers, in terms of service provision and customer satisfaction,” he added.

Mr Nartey said the payment system had been made flexible for members to have the opportunity to choose whether to pay daily, monthly, half-yearly or yearly via mutual health insurance’s accredited agents, accredited financial institutions, direct debit, or mobile money.

Mr Harold Awuah-Darko, Executive Chairman Nationwide Health Insurance Company, said “My Health” would take private health insurance to the doorsteps of Ghanaians offering a credible alternative to the mass market.

He called for an increased participation of private health insurance companies in the nation’s healthcare delivery.

Dr Philip Anderson, Medical Lead, Roche, commended Mutual Health Insurance for taking the bold step to venture into the informal market and deciding to pay comprehensively for the care of breast cancer.

“Our partnership with nationwide has been very smooth because of their courage, passion, and integrity in a bid to reach the larger population of the country, especially in the area of breast cancer, because of the huge amounts involved in managing and treating breast cancer.

“Our commitment to you is going to be longstanding until every Ghanaian who deserves to be treated would have access to innovation and comprehensive breast cancer care,” she said.

Dr Beatrice Wiafe, President, Breast Care International and a renowned breast surgeon, advised that a comprehensive screening be performed on potential members before they are enrolled.

“I am very happy that there is a company that is going to take care of breast cancer, comprehensively, especially in the informal sector because a lot of women cannot pay for the biopsy, and then treatment,” she said.

Dr Gilbert Buckle, former Chief Executive Officer, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, expressed excitement that the scheme is targeting the 85 per cent of the population who through no fault of theirs fall out of getting access to insurance of this quality.

“From a service and quality perspective,  I am excited with the capitation module that is being used, which means healthcare service providers would be paid for the number of people who sign up to their facilities and would also be held accountable for the quality of care  provide,” he said.

Nationwide Health Insurance Company is a private medical insurance company, established in 2003 with presence in all 10 regions and a client base of about 60,000 members from the corporate and community world.

Source: GNA

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