Manual on conflict reporting launched

A publication dubbed:”Conflict-Sensitive Coverage: A Manual for Journalists Reporting Conflict in West Africa,” has been launched in Accra.

Edited by Professor Audrey Gadzekpo, one of West Africa’s leading media scholar-practitioners, the nine chapter book offers a guide to practicing editors and journalists, working in conflict affected and post conflict West African countries.

It focuses on promoting the core values and practice of peace journalism in the sub-region.

Prof Gadzekpo, said it was important for conflict reporting to be done with a view to promote peace.

She noted that the influence the media had on shaping public opinion, made it very necessary for media practitioners to be engaged by stakeholders in peace building in a manner that made the practitioners active partners in conflict prevention and management.

Mr Mustapha Hamid, the Minister of Information and Guest Speaker, said    it was necessary for journalists to be trained to handle conflict reporting in a way that promoted conflict resolution and peace.

He urged journalism schools to introduce courses in conflict reporting.

The programme was chaired by Ms Adjoa Yeboah-Afari, Member of the Management Board, School of Information and Communication Studies.

The publication is based on presentations delivered at a media practitioner training workshop, aimed at building the capacity of African journalists to cover conflicts and peace building in West Africa.

It was organised last year by the School of Information and Communication Studies, in collaboration with the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy, and supported by the African Peace building Network.

Source: GNA

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