Chaaban did not splash pepper on victim – Witness

A defence witness in the Marwako restaurant trial told the court on Thursday that there was no splashing of pepper in the kitchen and on the face of the victim in the matter as alleged by the prosecution.

The witness Ms Abigail Adu Amoah, a worker of Marwako Fast Food Limited told the Abeka District court that she did not discussed with the alleged victim that she was going to take money from the accused.

Answering questions under cross-examination by the prosecution in the person of Chief Inspector H. A Hanson, Ms Amoah admitted that she did not see Chaaban pour out the blended pepper.

She said the alleged victim could not blend the onions on the day of the incident and that Chaaban blended the onions himself.

She said Chaaban on that day questioned after entering the kitchen why the blender was not functioning properly, he then indicated to the alleged victim that some onions were stuck in the blender and blamed her for wrongly doing the blending.

Ms Amoah said Chaaban then turned the victims head for her to take a look at what she had done and saw that the victim was crying and said the crying could be attributed to how Chaaban drew her attention on how the blender was functioning.

She said later the victim asked her to testify on her behalf and that she would offer her money for business in case she was fired from Marwako, but after discussing it with her mother she declined the victim’s offer and stop picking her calls.

The case has been adjourned to June 19.

Source: GNA

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