Ghana Post booms despite Internet upsurge

Ghana Post is still thriving in the Tema Metropolis despite the upsurge in the use of internet services in recent times.

Mrs Peggy Owusu Brobbey, Manager of Tema Community One Post Office, told the Ghana News Agency that even though most people have replaced letter writing with electronic mails, her outfit’s services were still being patronized.
Mrs Brobbey stated that Ghana Post was surviving the internet upsurge due to the other services they offered to the public.
She indicated that the other services included selling of admission forms for tertiary institutions, payment of school fees, parcel sending and receiving and money transfer services.  
She added that the initiative to add other services was taken by management to ensure that the company was still relevant to the public while preventing staff redundancy.

She added that Ghana Post also took advantage of the internet to attract customers by sending information about the company’s services through emails.

Mrs Brobbey urged parents to encourage their children to still make use of letter writing and posting instead of engaging in sending of emails, and use of social media conservations.

This, she explained, would help improve the handwriting of the children and enhance their spelling abilities adding that unlike computers which always help in replacing wrong spelt words with correct ones, children should be encouraged to make use of dictionaries to correct their mistakes in letter writing.

She noted that due to the use of abbreviations, acronyms and emoji by the youth on social media and internet messaging, most of them were unable to write correct sentences during examinations.

Source: GNA

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