Armed robbers attack German Restaurant in Tema

Armed robbers in a taxi attacked the German Restaurant at Community 11 in Tema made up of the guests who comprise mainly of the expatriate community.

The robbers who were shooting indiscriminately bolted away with mobile phones, cash and other valuables. 

A Greek national who was at the scene said in her police report that she did not exit the car she was in because she was too shocked to see one of the robbers carrying a rifle and the other a pistol.

“The one on my side fired his pistol in the air and demanded our money – I handed over my hand bag – he wrenched the glove compartment open and took the box but discarded it on the floor. 

They opened the boot and looked in the back and a taxi driver stopped to ask what was going on and the robbers sprayed the car with bullets. 

“We went to Community 11 Tema Police Station and filed a report – about 15 minutes later a Chinese couple also came to the police station with a similar story – finally the taxi driver came and showed the bullet holes to the Police.”

The items stolen from the Greek National included a hand bag, containing both foreign and local currency and two mobile phones – one  I phone 7+ with number 07770608272, and one Samsung Galaxy with number 00233244698792 valued at $350.

The bag of her colleague was found in a gutter near Max Mart, Tema with his credit cards and driving license intact.

She said the Chinese couple told the police they had been attacked three times and that the expatriates in Tema community felt very uncomfortable and unsafe.

Source: GNA

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