NDC group calls on Mahama to publicly explain defeat

President John Mahama

A pro National Democratic Congress (NDC) group-the Action Movement-has called on Former President John Dramani Mahama to publicly explain the cause of the defeat of the Party in the 2016 elections.

The group said: “If JM does not come out immediately for what he has taken responsibility for, then it would not be morally right for him to organise himself as a candidate for the Party. 

“JM must not dare 2020 if he does not clear the air for what he has taken responsibility for.
“JM should do what is honourable; he is causing our Party a great harm by just saying that, he has taken responsibility of our lost. JM should stop the silence torture on our electorate and say exactly what he is taking responsibility for”.
Mr Kodzo Hamenya Keglo, the Spokesperson of the group, stated this at a news conference in Accra on Monday by cataloguing a number of setbacks it believes caused the electoral defeat of the NDC.
The group said the NDC lost the election due to a statement made by the former president that “he is a dead goat”.
According to the pro-NDC group, the Party’s downfall started as soon as former President Mahama made the statement before the polls, which meant it did not matter to him if he won the 2016 election or not. 
Ex-President Mahama said in an address to the Ghanaian community in Botswana that he’s a dead goat, apparently to mean that he did not care any longer about the numerous complaints being made by Ghanaians about the severe economic crisis that faced the country during the first few years of his tenure as a president.
This, Keglo said, was disrespectful to Ghanaians and an indication that Mr Mahama did not care about the plight of Ghanaians whose mandate he needed to rule the country.
The group said Mr Mahama could not see the last four years as a project that demanded from him to call his appointees to order to control the Party but neglected their actions which led to the loss of the NDC.
The group also observed that the leadership of the NDC ignored the 10 Regional Women Organisers of the Party, who were the backbone of the party.
On the issue of the Kwesi Botchwey Committee Report, the group observed that the insults and the gunshots that the body experienced on the field during their work, was clear evidence that people were not excited with their performance and should come out immediately with the outcome, to cause more harm.
“We support Mr Victor Smith for his decision that the National Party Chairman and his entire executives should resign.
“The NDC is being managed today like a private company; we pray that soon the NDC will be managed as a congress once again, and our core principles fully applied for the comfort of our people,” the group said. 
The news conference nearly came to anti-climax when a mob suspected not to be in agreement with the event invaded the premises and disrupted Mr Keglo who was delivering his address.
Mr Keglo however managed to deliver his speech despite the commotion.
In an interview with the Ghana News Agency he said the organisers received a text message from an unknown person, saying the news conference had been called off.
Mr Keglo said they ignored the text message and decided to go ahead with it.

Source: GNA

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